“Experts in cement plant wear resistance”



Canadian Rubber and Steel Ltd and its employees have participated in supporting the upgrading and on-going maintenance operations of cement manufacturers in Western Canada for over 27 years. CRS knows that when downtime costs are this high, your equipment has to last.

From the Barge Unloader to the Pack House and everything in between, we have designed and manufactured hundreds of different components used in a variety of processes around the cement plant.

We develop components that withstand the high heat and abrasive forces in the process. We work extensively with Chromium overlay plate, abrasion resistant rubber, hardened and stainless steel to extend equipment life. Our fully qualified tradesmen have on average 18 years seniority with CRS and work in a culture of pride of workmanship.

Our combination of in house design, fabrication, machining and rubber manufacturing allow us to provide quick order turn around and maintain tight control of the quality and price throughout the process. Please contact us for a quote on extending the life of your equipment.


Our Products:

Roller Mill


    • Rubber seals and covers
    • Separator rotary vane liners Scrapper and nozzle blades
    • Chromium overlay and hard plate cone patches
    • High wear specialty deflectors and impact area protection systems
    • Roller mill discharge skirt
    • Louver Ring
    • General wall liners and housing replacements
    • Roller mill lifting beam protectors

Grate Cooler and Precipitators


    • High temperature tee bolts complete with springs
    • 310S.S. high temperature pans and supports
    • Clam shell gates
    • Deflector racks and liner repairs
    • Lances and probes
    • Expansion joints
    • Fan and housing liners
    • Take ups and slide mechanisms for conveyors
    • Custom rubber seals

Pack House and Dock Area


    • Air slides New and Relining with SS Mesh
    • Rebuild and rubberize air slide flow gates
    • Dump chutes and hoppers
    • Dust collector piping
    • Rubberizing of gripper bars and feeder forks
    • Tipping gates
    • Rail car and truck load out equipment

Finish Mills


    • Custom molded rubber door gaskets and liners
    • Rubber connector sleeves and boots
    • S.S. additive lances
    • Hard plate and chrome on-lay wear liners
    • Equipment inspection and service i.e. ball dumper
    • Separator scroll vane assemblies

Clinker System


    • Conveyor buckets and pans (replace and rebuild)
    • Shafts, rollers, wheels, etc.
    • Wear plates for bin, hopper and silo patch
    • Dust collection piping
    • Drag chain head and tail end rebuilding
    • High heat access hatches
    • Grizzlies
    • High wear elbows i.e. flat back, rubber lined or cement backed
    • Conveyor skirting
    • Pin gates

Coal Plant


    • Coal conveyor buckets
    • Conveyor chain sprockets and shaft rebuilds
    • S.S. and Chromium overlay wear parts for coal grinder and separator
    • Rubber expansion sleeves
    • Access platforms
    • Special high temperature S.S. fittings and nozzles

Kiln System


    • Rebuild and repair bricking frames and arches
    • General supply of spring plates, brackets, spacer blocks, keepers and miscellaneous plates
    • Refractory anchors and shims
    • Custom ramps and bricking steps
    • Custom high temperature view ports and camera enclosures
    • Kiln feed buckets

Reclaimer System / Misc


    • Rebuild and replace reclaimer scrappers
    • Replace drive shaft and gear box base
    • Equipment safety guards and covers
    • Drag chain conveyor trough liners
    • Rubber and Ceramic Pulley Lagging